Holiday Vacation: Travel Preparation 2

This past weekend we went to look for a carry-on luggage for our daughter.  Besides our regular luggage that my husband owned for years, we want to bring another one to put all her necessities.  Traveling with a toddler is not easy.  She is gonna be two years old when we fly.  And to think the energy of a two-year old toddler is very high, my husband and I have to always keep ourselves together.

I also bought a few lotions for my aunts and cousins in addition to the clothing, accessories, and shoes for homecoming gifts.  Now I feel obliged to buy another set of holiday gifts for my family back home because the Balikbayan  box (package) arrived in a month’s time, which is way earlier than we thought.  Well, I will just take my niece and nephews to a shopping spree when we get to my province.

Right now, we are making a TO DO list and CHECKLIST.  We do not want to miss anything.  The billing statements from our subscriptions are needed to be gathered so my husband make arrangements on payments while we’re away.  Bills fall in the middle of the month have to be paid in advance (we have to make an estimate for the bills amount for these).  Then we will stop the mail for a month until we get back next year.

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    1. Awww…sayang sis. nakapag-send na ako ng package September pa lang. So wala nang baggage check.

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