Shopping For Travel Needs

Tomorrow my husband and I together with our little girl are going to shop for new shorts for him.  He needs new jeans and men’s sandals for our travel, too.  It was two years ago since he had new clothing for vacationing.

We still have lots of stuff to get before we pack and go.  We need to buy a medium-sized carry-on luggage for my daughter’s things.  Traveling with a toddler for the first time needs a lot of preparation.  It’s kinda stressful but we do not want to forget any single thing essential to us.  There is nothing to worry about homecoming gifts for my family because I already shipped a huge Balikbayan Box full of holiday gifts last month.  In fact, they already got it.

I am currently double-checking my checklist and going through things we need to get before we fly.  For myself, I still have to find a crossbody bag that I can carry all the time during our vacation.  Crossbody or messenger bags are ideal items to have when traveling.  They are convenient to grab and carry whenever wherever.  What I like about a messenger bag is the easy access of the important belongings like IDs, cards, and change.  It can also accommodate a small lipstick and a compact face powder.  A durable messenger bag like prada nylon messenger bag is what I want right now.  I hope I can find one on a good sale.

18 thoughts on “Shopping For Travel Needs

  1. What a conincidence…hubby and I are shopping for our travel needs. We’ll go to Baguio two weeks from now so we start packing our things (aren’t we too excited?!) And just like you, messenger bag is what I use for our important things and other personal belongings.

  2. Body bag is really nice to travel with I got one for myself where I can put my documents, it is easier than keeping them on my backpack.

  3. I love to have either a crossbody bag or a backpack when travelling to store all that I need for our kids. Have a great time on your vacation.

    1. A cross-body bag really works with me because it’s easy for me to grab stuff and my hands are free.

  4. Shopping for travel needs is just as exciting as going on the actual travelling. It’s like an extended activity for the vacation.

  5. Have a safe trip back to Pinas! Sounds wonderful. Messenger bags are also nice to bring when traveling. Me on the other hand is looking for a really good and chic backpack for travels since I have two kids and I need a whole lot of things and I want to carry them comfortably and not hurting one of my shoulders. LOL! Backpack would be the one for me.

  6. That’s a nice messenger bag. A messenger bag,a Prada too, is in my wishlist this Christmas. But i want something that’s also wearable for social occasions.

  7. crossbody bags are in these days, i have one too and i love it. it’s more convenient when travelling compared to those satchel or handbags. well, hope you guys enjoy your vacation 😀

  8. shopping for travel is not easy… so making a list is really important…

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