It’s Great To Experience The Fun At Times Square On New Year’s Eve

Ooooh, holidays are approaching!  I bet everyone is busy getting their holiday vacation plans finalized.  We are too.  Like I mentioned in my previous posts, I already accomplished all the hotel bookings and domestic flights reservation.  Our family will be leaving for  vacation in two months time.  What makes this trip very special is that, it’s going to be our first time to spend the Holidays with my family back home.  And they will be seeing our daughter in person for the first time also.

I know we will be missing my husband’s family and our friends here in Texas on Christmas and New Year’s.  Even my aunt who lives in New York will be missed too.  She has been inviting us to visit her.  She wanted us to spend Christmas and New Year’s with her family too.  But we already finalized our travel plans to the Philippines early this year so there’s no backing out.  It would be nice to experience the fun at times square new years eve celebration.  I have been wishing to see the Ball Drop at Times Square on New Year’s Eve.  The hotel accommodation in NYC might be full but making early reservations can get a chance.  Three nights accommodation at Sheraton New York in Midtown Manhattan is ideal for a family of three like us.

But, there is always next time.  I already told my aunt about our upcoming vacation and I also invited her to come with us.  She told me something like she is scared of flying now because she haven’t flown an airplane for a very long time.  Aww…I hope my aunt will overcome her fear.  My family, especially my father, would love to see her again (after 30 years of no communication).

13 thoughts on “It’s Great To Experience The Fun At Times Square On New Year’s Eve

  1. NYC is a fun place to go during big Holidays. But I wonder how they are going to cope up with the big mess that Storm Sandy did to them in the past few weeks…

  2. Im sure that it’s a hell of a Christmas at that place 😀 That’s one of my dreams, to spend Christmas in other places outside the Philippines

  3. I live in New York yet too far to celebrate New Years in the city 🙂 We just watch the ball drop on TV and as always it is fun to welcome the New Year!!

  4. Maybe one day when our girls are all old enough we will experience the new year’s eve in NY City 🙂

  5. never been there yet and New York is written in my bucket lists, hope to visit there someday. We watch it on TV though. a lot of people during that time of season

  6. i never been to NYC but to witness another NEw year celebration at times square, why not! If only i don’t have two small kids, maybe i already went.

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