Just A Fall Weather

It’s my husband’s birthday and we went out of town this weekend.  As usual, we spent the weekend at his parents’ house.  It was starting to rain when we left our house.  It’s not that I hate driving in the rain.  I just do not like driving on rainy days especially on long trips.  So my husband drove all the way to Tyler.

Driving in the rain requires extra caution.  You have to pay extra attention to other vehicles and road signs.  There is nothing wrong with driving 5 miles less the speed limit just to be sure you are being careful.  Always put a reaction time behind a car especially when driving on the freeway.  This way, collision will be avoided.  Keep your lights on when driving on rainy days.  So you are visible to other drivers on the road.  Always exercise patience and give-and-take attitude when driving.  Keep your cool.

Well, it was still raining when we got to my parents’-in-law house.  It was also kind of breezy and cold.  But as soon as we were inside their home, we’re all feeling warm and comfortable.