When Staying At A Beach Resort

When vacationing to a tropical place and staying at a beach resort, it is very important to always double check the accommodation confirmation.  To avoid problems such as room unavailability and quote errors, it is recommended to ask for the confirmation number and get the total cost of accommodation charge including the complimentary services offered by the resort or hotels.  In this situation, you will not think of anything but the enjoyment of your stay.

Of course, beach resorts have the most appealing accommodation.  Some resorts offer extra activities like Gala Night and Special Lunch at the beach.  There is an extra charge too but attendance it is not compulsory.  But to make most of your vacation, joining these special event can be lots of fun too.

When my husband and I spent our vacation at a resort back home, my favorite was the Special Lunch at the beach.  Everyone gathered at the beach where tables and chairs with big beach umbrellas were prepared.  Delicious food was catered buffet style.  The sun was shining brightly.  Sun bathing and swimming were, obviously, part of the day’s event.  Sexy bikinis and sarongs were on.  Just a tiny concern though.  I did not know how to tie a sarong.  Gladly one of the guest in the resort was kind enough to teach me.  My husband thought I was just joking but I wasn’t.  Anyway, that was one of our wonderful vacation at the beach.

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  1. Sarong is always present when I travel and going to beaches..kong sa talent pa..this piece of stuff is very versatile..

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