Starting A Small Business

Everyone has a dream of becoming successful in life.  Who doesn’t?  When I was a child, I wished to become a singer or an actress.  But the calling of arts was not for me.  When I was growing up and was going to college, I thought I will pursue a course in education.  But, unfortunately, my parents did not have the capacity to send me (and my siblings) to a university.  So I went to college as a working student.  And for some reason, I did not take an education course.  Instead, I took a business-related course.  What I had in mind that time was to finish a business course that will help me in creating a plan to be able to establish my own business someday.

I like buy and sell business.  My dream is to have my own buy and sell business.  Running a small business have lots to consider.  From conducting a feasibility study to filing a permit to operate, it’s a tedious preparation.  Asking for advice and recommendations from reputable businessmen and women is a good idea since starting a business is really difficult for me.  Online references and business books are very helpful too.  When it comes financial matters, it is a big responsibility for a beginner like me to know the do’s and don’ts of operating a business.  Most business owners borrow money from  banks and other financial institution as capital for the business.  I think that is the most risky part.  But just like what they say that, in business you have to take risks.