Holiday Gifts Are On Their Way To The Philippines

My family surely is anxious to receive the Balikbayan Box or package I shipped for the Holidays.  I wrapped and packed the holiday gifts immediately so the my husband could tape the box and have it picked up within this month.

I know it is still early to check the status of my shipment but according to, my package is already loaded in the container.  I believe the containers will be in the cargo vessel by end of this month and head to the Philippines.  We are looking forward for the package to be delivered to my folks back home while we are there for our month-long vacation.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Gifts Are On Their Way To The Philippines

  1. We on the other hand are also waiting for a package from the States containing some toys and other stuff.. Hope it reaches our door steps, for it has been almost a month since the box was sent..

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