Lazy Labor Day

It’s Labor Day here in the US.  My family and I just came home from a weekend trip to my in-laws in Tyler.  We all had a great time and baby, as usual, enjoyed being with the grandparents.

We are not going anywhere today.  Our plan is to relax and enjoy the holiday together.  My husband is making a pot of green beans with bacon while the whole chicken is baking in the oven.  I am doing some online tasks while watching over our little princess playing with her puzzles in the living room.  I was driving the whole trip so I had the opportunity to rest for a while.

Summer will be over soon.  That is why we take advantage of the sunny weather to go on trips and weekend travels.  When the weather gets cool again, my daughter and I can go walking in the mornings again because our outdoor activities will become limited when it gets really really cold.

Well, it’s a lazy Monday.  We just love to hang around the house, watch television, and eat.  My husband is a good cook.  So the baked chicken and green beans are definitely delicious.  Our little princess loves green beans too.