Vacation Is Fast Approaching

I am very observant and curious.  I want to know how something works and what’s going on around me.  Everyday news about current events and Science Daily news are interesting to me.  Whenever we are on a travel, I always want to keep informed about the weather especially to our destination.  I always hated cancelled or delayed flights.  But if the reason is bad weather condition, I totally understand that.

As our vacation is fast approaching, I am feeling anxious day by day.  Because our travel is in December, hopefully Mother Nature will let us have a pleasant weather throughout our vacation.  When my husband’s parents came over for a visit this weekend, I told my mother-in-law that I cannot host the Thanksgiving Dinner this year.  It is because I have a huge load on my shoulder in  this upcoming trip.  She told me it’s fine.  She’s glad that I let her know early.  But the task she gave me is to find a good flower shop for Fall flower decor.  I can do that.  There’s already ProFlowers coupon codes available online.  It would be very useful.  As for the Christmas Party this year, we won’t be attending.  My husband will have to buy holiday gifts ahead of time.  He’ll have to check for gadgets at and see what he can find as Christmas gifts for the grownups.

Hotel Booking At The Oriental Legazpi Hotel

Okay.  So I am very busy with the preparation for our upcoming vacation.  Though my husband accomplished his task -book and buy the international tickets-a few important bookings or reservations have to be done.

As of this moment, I am communicating with the hotel staff of the Oriental Legazpi Hotel in the Philippines.  I am trying to book for an overnight stay at The Oriental Legazpi Hotel.  My husband watched a show on television (Filipino Channel) where it featured the hotel.  It is a 5-star hotel located in Legazpi, Albay that features the main attraction of the province, the beautiful Mount Mayon.  The volcano known for its perfect cone.

I visited and tried making a reservation on the hotel’s website.  It went great but the thing is, the deposit you make online which I believe is 10% of the total cost, is non-refundable regardless of changing the dates of stay.  So contacted their Manila office and I am currently making a reservation.  Hopefully I will be able to get a room for December.  We all know that it’s a high season so booking ahead of time has a big chance of getting a confirmation.  I think the hotel reservations staff is telling me that there is an available room on the date I provided.  Wonderful!  Our communication is thru email and I am confident that everything’s fine.

The reason why we are going to Albay is because we will be visiting my husband’s sponsored child.  As you know, my husband is sponsoring two Filipino children thru Children’s International.  He is supporting them since they were eight years old.  Now that they are turning 18, it is very important to be able to visit these kids.  Actually, we already visited the first one who lives in Manila when my husband and I were still dating.  That was five years ago.  The second one who is living in Albay will be visited for the first time during our vacation in December.  I am excited to meet her.  And, I am excited to see the Mount Mayon as well.

Starting A Small Business

Everyone has a dream of becoming successful in life.  Who doesn’t?  When I was a child, I wished to become a singer or an actress.  But the calling of arts was not for me.  When I was growing up and was going to college, I thought I will pursue a course in education.  But, unfortunately, my parents did not have the capacity to send me (and my siblings) to a university.  So I went to college as a working student.  And for some reason, I did not take an education course.  Instead, I took a business-related course.  What I had in mind that time was to finish a business course that will help me in creating a plan to be able to establish my own business someday.

I like buy and sell business.  My dream is to have my own buy and sell business.  Running a small business have lots to consider.  From conducting a feasibility study to filing a permit to operate, it’s a tedious preparation.  Asking for advice and recommendations from reputable businessmen and women is a good idea since starting a business is really difficult for me.  Online references and business books are very helpful too.  When it comes financial matters, it is a big responsibility for a beginner like me to know the do’s and don’ts of operating a business.  Most business owners borrow money from  banks and other financial institution as capital for the business.  I think that is the most risky part.  But just like what they say that, in business you have to take risks.