Hawaiian Falls Garland Part 1

The view from my spot in the parking lot

I had a girls day out with friends this afternoon.  I was invited by one of my girl friends to go to Hawaiian Falls Water Park in Garland.  I thought it was a far away but I was wrong.  The place is like 30 minutes drive from my place.  Few of the girls already arrived at the Water Park about noon because some of them reserved admission tickets.  I thought I would be able to get there by 2 P.M. but didn’t.  Though I arrived very late at about 3 P.M., it was a good thing because my friend (whom I bought a ticket from) did not leave her house until 2:30 afternoon.  Upon arrival, I looked for a parking spot.  The parking area near the entrance was fully occupied.  It took me ten minutes driving around until I finally find a parking spot.  Above is a photo I took from where I parked.  You can see the big towering slide.  Just looking at it and hearing the guests scream as they slide gets me excited to in.  The entrance gate is located far to the right.

And man, I had difficulty parking.  Because I took my husband’s truck, parking was always a problem.  I thought I would be able to squeeze in between a car and a van.  What I did not see was the car left a very tight space for me to get in.  To avoid scratching the car, I had to move up to the sidewalk so I can maneuver the truck in the right position.  Whew!  Glad the truck has new tires.

Anyway, after a few minutes waiting, my friend arrived and met me at the Hawaiian Falls Water Park entrance gate.  She bought admission tickets online for a cheaper price.  The ticket prices are as follows:

$25.99 per person – 48 inches and over

$19.09 per person – under 48 inches, senior citizens, and military (with I.D)

Free Admission – children 2 years and under

$89.99 Seasons Pass – includes 2013 season

$10 Cooler Pass

$8 Locker rental – all day