Summer Swimming Lesson

This summer, if you want to take swimming lessons, try registering at your nearest recreation center or go to a YMCA.

Last week, I registered my daughter for swimming lessons at YMCA here in Rockwall.  And yesterday was her first day of swimming.  Actually this is the second time she’s swimming in the pool.  I chose to enroll her on Saturdays because the rate is much cheaper (parent included) than weekday sessions.  Plus, I can get my husband to come with us because he is off on Saturdays.

Taking swimming lessons during summer is one of the biggest activities that kids, even adults, can do.  This is not only to maintain health and fitness but also a good opportunity to take for future summer getaways.  Learning basic swimming technique can be of great advantage.

I let my husband accompany my daughter in the pool because I was quite not feeling well yesterday.  At first, my daughter did not want to go in the water without me.  But with a little convincing talks, she and daddy joined the group in the pool.  It is an indoor pool so there is no direct sunlight.  It is really nice to know that there is a YMCA in town where kids and adults can join an activity like this.