Niece’s Wedding

Summer is wedding season too.  My husband’s niece got married last month and we were all invited.  It was a big event for her because all the family were there to witness the special day.  We are very happy for my husband’s niece.  She and her groom are very in love.  When they got engaged, the she received a very gorgeous engagement ring.  Their wedding bands are beautiful.  It was a lovely wedding to remember.

But planning a wedding is not that easy.  Venue is one of the most important thing to be finalized a head of time.  And if you are clever enough, you will be able to find a wedding venue with a reception area.  Everyone does not have to drive a long way from the church or chapel to the reception like restaurants or private venue.

The couple went to Dominican Republic for their 7-day honeymoon and escapade.  I am jealous, I admit.  Hopefully, my husband and I will be able to afford a vacation to the Carribean for our second honeymoon.