New Route

Crossing Lake Tawakoni

Going out of town is always exciting.  And taking a new route other than the usual is an experience.  That means I get to see new places and scenery.

This weekend we are visiting my husband’s parents in Tyler.  And we are spending the Labor Day holiday with my in-laws.  Driving this afternoon, my husband suggested a new route.  He looked at the Texas map and pointed roads to take to bypass Greenville.  This time, we took US 34 from 66.  The usual route was Hwy 6, 66, 380, to 69.  With the new route, we took  Hwy 6, 66, 34, 276, to 69.  On Hwy 34 and 276, we bypassed Greenville lights.  It lead us to Quinlan and Emory.  Quinlan is where the Lake Tawakoni is located.  It’s a huge lake.  Nice to see the calm waters in the afternoon.  At the above picture, we were crossing the lake on the bridge with about 1-2 miles long.  The total trip saved us about 20 minutes of travel time.

Happy attentive driver 🙂

In today’s drive I find the crossing of Lake Tawakoni my favorite.  I thank my husband for keeping the out-of-town travels a routine.  I like it.  Being able to drive and seeing new places truly freshens the mind.  We are excited for the barbeque tomorrow.

Guided Walking Holidays in Europe

This article looks at the popularity of walking holidays in Europe – their benefits and attractions, particularly for those who like to stay active. As the range of such holiday grows, is now the time to experience a walking holiday yourself?

Why walking holidays?
Many well travelled people tend to be looking for a more authentic way to engage with their destination and prefer to keep off the regular tourist track. Walking holidays are a great way to combine a range of interests – from seeing a destination first-hand and at a comfortable pace, to enjoying an active and healthy holiday, whilst meeting new friends and seeing cultural landmarks up close.

Guided walking holidays in Spain are taken care of by expert travel providers. The route will have been well tested and researched, so you won’t need to worry about what you’ll experience along the way. All the practical arrangements will also be in hand, which mitigates your worry about remaining organised and allows you to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the countryside around you.

Walking holidays are also particularly good for seeing sights and landmarks which are slightly off the beaten track and generally not as accessible by transport. Particularly in Spain, walking allows you to take in the full diversity and culture of the country, whether you choose to explore the rich history and delicious cuisine or Andalucía, or relax in the paradise of the Canary Islands. Each holiday on offer will have a different feel and experience.

What does a walking holiday involve?
With a walking holiday, you can decide whether you prefer to guide your trip independently, or join a mixed walking group. With the former, you have total flexibility around your movements and stop-offs and your travel provider will give you maps and in-depth walking notes. You may also find that a baggage collection service is available, so that your baggage is waiting when you arrive at your hotel and you don’t have to struggle along with a heavy back-pack! This can be very useful when you’re travelling as a family.

Alternatively, with a guided holiday, your guide will introduce you to various hidden spots along the way, allowing you to find out more than you would alone and providing plenty of interesting facts and local knowledge. You will be introduced to some of the best restaurants and watering holes along the way too and your group will be there to motivate you along the walk and make sure no one gets left behind! This option is very popular with those looking to meet new people, or for those who are travelling on their own. Trip durations vary, but are usually around a week on average, with departures from various UK airports available and flexible transfers.

So if you’re looking for a fresh way to experience Spain – whether Valencia, Catalan, Andalucía, La Gomera, Tenerife, Majorca or one of the many other destinations available, a guided walking trip could be the way to go!

Adriana Frederick writes regularly on a variety of guided walking holidays and family holiday topics for travel websites and blogs. A keen fan of the outdoors, Adriana has long been a fan of guided walking holidays in Spain and has experienced much of the country by foot.

Business Matters

Every where you turn in any kind of business industry, legal matters are always taken into account.  You cannot start a business without approaching a business lawyer to consult with entrepreneurial subjects that you want to get advice for.

It is recommended to consult a reputable and credible business lawyer so you will be guided with concerns like starting up a business, business planning (trademarks, etc), strategy, and financing.  Other reason why some businesses fall because of the lack of legal advice. There are lots of significant matter to consider in putting up a business.  That includes getting a lawyer to help you.  So remember to look for the reputable business lawyers in your area.