Day Two (Part 3), July 5: Broken Bow Lake Beach Area

Beavers Bend Park Map

After a big mid-afternoon lunch at a Chinese Buffet restaurant we checked-in at Microtel Inn, put on our swimwear, grabbed our personal necessities, and drove to Beavers Bend Park and Resort.  We drove around to find a beach area where we can relax and enjoy the water after an afternoon traveling.

I thought we were kinda of lost because we were driving for more than 20 minutes.  It has been 10 years since my husband came here for a camping trip with his brother, so he’s a little unsure of where to go next.  With the help of the above directions, we were able to find our way.

Magnificent view from up the hill

We reached the top of the hill and over viewing the beautiful Broken Bow Lake Reservoir and the magnificent sight behind me.  It didn’t really show how steep it is in the picture but I tell you, it’s very high where I was at.

The Broken Bow Lake Reservoir

The water was so inviting.  I wish we had a boat.

Father and daughter bonding time

So reached the Beach Area of the park.  Actually, were already at Beavers Bend Resort Steven’s Gap Area.  There were groups of people there when we arrived.  My daughter had a great time splashing in the water playing with her daddy on the shore.  In the picture, they were dropping big stones into the water and our little girl  chuckles whenever a stone ‘plops’ into the water.  It was a very hot day.  Good thing there’s a little shade by the shore. The only thing I do not like about a lake is that, the beach is muddy.  We looked for a shower area because baby’s swimsuit and shorts had mud all over.  Gladly there was one.

We head back to the hotel and prepared ourselves for dinner.  I was craving for a pizza at Pizza Hut.  And there’s one a couple of miles farther from the hotel.  It’s been a while since I had a bite of Pizza Hut pizza.  Happiness!

Pizza Hut pizza thick crust

Field Trips In The Summer

What I love about summer is that there are lots of chances to go out and have fun.  Family fun is unbeatable.  Also, schools have programs that give the children the opportunity to explore the outdoors and other beautiful places.  This is a great time to take them to the Science Museum or a Space Center where they can see and learn more about Science and Technology including the great inventions and space explorations.

Science and Technology is a very vast subject.  It covers many branch of studies.  Organizers for a field trip like this has to categorize each visits so the children knows where to go next.  That was one of the nicest thing my teachers did when I was in grade school.  Our trip was a wonderful experience.

Every student has to have his or her own name tag so it would be easy to spot each other.  If you want to create these name tags beautifully and very affordable, Vistaprint coupon codes are of great help on this on the site.  You can create them stylish and colorful too.

Science Field trips give children more awareness with the outside world and the big contribution of Science and Technology to all of us.  Thus, the exposure does not end there.  Keeping updated is great.  SciTechDaily provides the latest news on this matter.  We can check it out at Science News 2012.