Day Two, July 5: Broken Bow, Oklahoma (Part 1)

Okay.  So the 4th of July celebration went well, as usual.  My brother-in-law and his family came over and brought some food in addition to what we have prepared.  My daughter did not like the noise of the fireworks but she liked seeing those lights up in the sky and the fountains on the ground.

Pretty fountain

My husband and I woke up at 8 A.M. Thursday morning to start gathering the things needed for the weekend trip.  You see, I do not want to be rushing when traveling.  When I do, chances are lots of necessities will be left behind.  Check-in time at the hotel we’re booked in was 3 P.M.  Lots of time, right?  But small things here and there make the time flies fast.

From the house, we took I-30 East to Mount Pleasant, Texas.  Then took Hwy 259 all the way to Broken Bow, Oklahoma (passing through Idabel)

Big trees at the Rest Area (Mount Pleasant)

It was a busy day as we drove along I-30 East.  There were a few times we’re in between huge cargo trucks.  And the speed limit is 75 MPH.  Imagine how fast everyone was?

Speed Limit 75 (Miles Per Hour)

Total travel time from our house to Broken Bow, Oklahoma is about three hours.  We were still kinda early for check-in at Microtel Inn when we arrived, so we agreed to dine in a Buffet restaurant because we were very hungry.