Haven’t Been Into Traveling

It is my beloved father’s birthday today.  He is 60 years old.  I was thinking because he reached the big milestone in his life, I would like them (my dad and mom) to come with us to Cebu for a shopping spree.  Cebu has bigger business areas and shopping complex than Leyte.  In addition, my parents haven’t been to traveling together.

I want to treat my parents to a nice lunch or dinner in a 5-star hotel like the Marco Polo Hotel.  When my husband and I were on vacation two years ago, we stayed at the Marco Polo and I can say that the hotel is very very nice.  I like the food and the customer service is satisfactory.  The location is good because the hotel is closer to the ferry terminal.

My husband and I will be very busy during our vacation this year.  But I will do my best to make this plan possible for my parents especially for my Tatay.