A Little Nap In The Car

Do you sleep while traveling?  I mean, you take a nap in the car or on the bus?  I do.  If the travel time is longer than an hour, expect me to be snoring a bit in my seat.  My husband says I am a sleepy head.

Seriously, I easily get drawn to dreamland.  I was used to commuting back home when I was working.  So even riding on a light rail transit, on a bus, or in jeepney to and from work, I fall asleep.  Falling asleep while traveling is normal.  It is the reaction of our body to inactivity for a long period of time.  And when we travel, our  body is relaxed as we enjoy the ride.  But when we are tired, that’s is another reason for us to take our naps while traveling.

Here’s how I look taking a little nap in the car on our way home from Oklahoma.  It was a two and a half hour drive so I thought I’d better sleep while baby is napping too.

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