Not Always Late For Mother’s Day

It is not always late to send your moms flowers in celebration of Mother’s Day.  Actually, we can give our moms beautiful flowers and gifts every day if we want.  Or, if you are away from home, purchasing and delivering a bouquet from Serenata flowers shop is more convenient.

To me, flowers represent beauty and peace.  They bring colors to the world.  We cannot deny that they put smiles on our faces whenever we see their blooms in our garden.  But do you know that there are thousands of flower plant species on Earth?  It is amazing how nature provided us different types of flowering plants to enjoy and cherish.

Who among you have a garden?  Where do you get flowering plants put in it?  I bet some of you buy summer plants online too.  If you have flowering plants in your garden, you will be able to save money from buying flowers in the shops.  You can just pick them and put in a fancy vase to look more stunning.

A Little Nap In The Car

Do you sleep while traveling?  I mean, you take a nap in the car or on the bus?  I do.  If the travel time is longer than an hour, expect me to be snoring a bit in my seat.  My husband says I am a sleepy head.

Seriously, I easily get drawn to dreamland.  I was used to commuting back home when I was working.  So even riding on a light rail transit, on a bus, or in jeepney to and from work, I fall asleep.  Falling asleep while traveling is normal.  It is the reaction of our body to inactivity for a long period of time.  And when we travel, our  body is relaxed as we enjoy the ride.  But when we are tired, that’s is another reason for us to take our naps while traveling.

Here’s how I look taking a little nap in the car on our way home from Oklahoma.  It was a two and a half hour drive so I thought I’d better sleep while baby is napping too.

Online Shopping Experience Is Different From In-Store

Being a woman has the most privileges.  We can wear heeled shoes, sandals, carry handbags, and wear makeup.  And we enjoy these things especially when we go shopping.

I buy most women accessories online because I do not want to drive all the way to the mall just to look and get one or two items.  In fact, I take advantage of the free shipping offers from online stores.  If an item is not what I expected to be, I just mail it back to the store for free too.  Printing shopping coupons is interesting to me because I get discounts.  Good thing I do not have to disturb my cousin to have my coupons printed at her house.  My husband bought a wireless printer for me on Mother’s Day.  What a nice gift!

Most of the time I get discount coupons in the mail too.  I just hate it when junk mails are more than the regular mail in our mailbox.  Although, if you dig into them, there are interesting information too.  My husband’s friend was looking for a cheap photoconductor for a copier.  Good thing one of the flyers I got in the mailbox has something offer for copier supplies.  My husband’s friend got a good discount on that.  Knowing the part number for photoconductor for lanier 5020 msd is hard to remember.  But he did.

Shopping experience online is different from in-store.  Online, you can look for the items you really need for yourself, for your family, and for the home.  Now that the heat is on, summer clothing and accessories are the trend.  My family is planning for a swimming soon.  And I am excited to buy a new swimwear.  Yes.  This is another privilege of being a woman, wearing a swimsuit.  And what I like is a maxine barbados shirred girl leg 1pc.  I don’t care too much for two-piece swimwear.  This one is good for me.  Like I said, the heat is on.  Keeping cool is best in the summer.  Our house is well-insulated.  With the help of our ceiling fans, the air circulation in our home is pretty much helping our air-con from running more often.  I don’t think we need new fans right now.  Maybe in the future, we will be able to shop for new ones when we get to find lowes ceiling fans on sale again.