Convenient Communication Through The Internet

My brother-in-law is an OFW (Overseas Foreign Worker) currently employed in Qatar.  He is a skilled worker.  He was hired by an employment agency whose client is an oil company based in Qatar.

I give high regards to skilled workers especially to those who work abroad.  We know that oil companies have drilling location in the sea.  My brother-in-law is working offshore.  He and his co-workers get to shore by a helicopter on their days off.  He said it is a very new experience for him to work offshore.  And being away from home, is no doubt, making him feel homesick.  But thanks to the help of high and modern technology.  The Internet has always been a means of connection to the family.  Emails, chatting, video conferencing, and even phone calls are very convenient through the Internet.

I also have a former co-employee who is currently based in Qatar working with Qatar Airways.  She was hired when I was still in the Philippines.  If I am not mistaken, she’s been with the airlines for more than five years.

Thumbs up to them who work diligently for their families and careers. They are the modern heroes.  And thanks to the people who develop wired technology.