Collectors Item On The Road

When I was driving the other day I saw this car on the other lane.  I thought it was cute and unique.

I am not sure if the body is made of wood or something.  I guess it is one of those old-fashioned cars in the ’60s.  Car collectors always have old cars in their collection.  Some of them travel the world to find inspiration on different types of vehicles.

As the look of it, the car has air-conditioning and good tires.  I haven’t seen the driver closely because other lane cleared of quickly at the green light.  Looked like the owner takes care of this vehicle very well.  The color is unusual but it surely makes heads turn.  I bet he gets lots of inquiries from curious people and offers from buyers who are fascinated with collecting cars.

My uncle loves cars.  He had a Honda sedan for years.  Whenever his family and him goes on a trip, he never failed to ask us if we want to go.  He drives really fast too.  What worried us so much is when he drink and drive. That’s against the law, but at that time nobody knew.  We were just thankful that we always make it home safe.

Anyway, the vehicle above is cool.  It is a collectors item.