Hotel Family Rooms

You know we haven’t tried getting a family room accommodation in a hotel or resort hotel.  This is an idea that my husband and I will be taking into consideration on our vacation to the Philippines end of this year.  I mentioned that my family back home, and us too, loves swimming and staying in a resort would be ideal.

I checked the resort’s accommodation room rates again and seems like the price is reasonable for a family room.  There are kids staying with us and we want them to stay together sleeping in a bunk bed.  I am just wondering if the family rooms have bunk beds.  If so, would they look like Bunk Beds AtoZ?  We will find out soon.


For the meantime, I will focus on gathering pasalubong (gifts) again for everybody.  The last year’s package has been delivered the other day.  Everyone was excited and happy to receive belated Christmas and Birthday gifts.  The kids were hands full with goodies too.  What a wonderful feeling to know how much joy the family experiences when a huge box full of presents delivered.  We are planning to ship the next package three months before our departure here so my family will receive the presents when we arrived.

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