Visited Churches In San Antonio

Spring is the perfect season to go for a road trip because the weather is great.  We’ll see the flowers blooms associated with the good landscaping along the way.  It gives us a positive feeling as we travel especially when we reach our destination.

We went to San Antonio two weeks ago and as we traveled, one of the things I enjoyed the most is by looking at all the beautiful flowers along the highways.  We  had visited three of the Mission Churches in San Antonio, there’s one that was really decorated with flowers using pots and windowbox too.

While my husband was busy taking pictures of the old Church, me and my little precious were also busy roaming around took pictures of each flower we saw in the church’s garden.   The place was cooler compared to others because it was surrounded with flower boxes and window boxes that was full of different kinds of flowering plants and outdoor plants.  This gave me an idea to get window boxes for my house.  We  did not  even notice how long we stayed there I guess we got carried away.

I was really amazing how flowers contributed a lot to beautify a place and change every individuals inner feelings into a positive way.