Lunch At Charlie’s Old Fashioned Burgers

Before we hit the road to Oklahoma, we stopped at a restaurant in Farmersville called Charlie’s Old Fashioned Burgers.  My husband and I have been here before and tried some of the food in their menu.  It is like a fast food style when ordering the food.  That is what my husband did not like about it.  Other than that the food’s good.

Charlie's restaurant in Farmersville

As the name says it, the ambiance inside the restaurant is old-fashioned.  You will see different kind of old stuff hanging in the ceiling.  I bet these stuff are so many decades old.

Old objects as decor
Gun at the door?

And here’s to bring you a chuckle.  You might think there’s a real gun at the door.  No.  That’s the door handle and the knob is the trigger.  Ain’t it cool? The place is an easy stop destination for road travelers who wants to eat light to heavy meals.  The restaurant is clean and customer friendly.

After a big lunch at Charlie’s Old Fashioned Burgers, we headed on for a two hour drive to Grant, Oklahoma to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary.