The Tranquilest Vacation Destination Of All

I love the great outdoors.  When  I was still single I used to participate in outdoor activities like camping, excursion, and games.  Sometimes my friends and I go for an overnight swimming in a beautiful beach resort.  We enjoy doing that especially after the examinations in school.

Night swimming is fun.  We barbeque pork and chicken.  Some of my friends bring different kinds of cooked root crops like cassava, sweet potatoes, purple yam, and taro.  Others bring cooked plantain bananas.  Root crops are  good when your at the beach.  Their heavy in the tummy and you won’t easily get hungry even in lots of swimming, running, and jumping.  And when it’s time to settle down and relax, playing board games are a great past time.  Some of us around the resin deck furniture of the cottage while others are busy doing their thing at the beach.

Beach resorts are the coolest, tranquilest vacation destination of all.  They also have the undeniably adorable cottages and patio furniture.  Though some cottages or rooms don’t have air conditioning, the breeze from the sea keeps us cool at night.  That is why my friends and I love hanging out at a beach resort whenever our schedules meet.

What a nice memory of our simple adventures.