Health Concerns Before Traveling

If you have health problems, always check with your doctor if you are safe to travel.  Your health condition should also be considered before you finalize your travel plans.  For those who have heart and cholesterol problems, keep in mind that weather conditions and food types in the destination you will be visiting are unpredictable and different.  Do not forget your prescription medicine and allergy pills before leaving.  Pregnant women need doctor’s advice before traveling.  The first and third trimester are the critical stage of pregnancy so travel plans on these period should be called off.  There are health precautions in every vacation destination.  So we need to be aware and be prepared.  A hand sanitizer is also essential to bring anywhere.  It is handy and helps to keep harmful germs away.

If you are taking a long vacation, be sure to refill your prescriptions so you won’t get short in medicine.  My husband takes 5 prescription pills a day.  When he came to visit me (while we were still dating), he double checked with his pharmacist if he got enough medicine to bring.

There are physically disabled passengers who can travel with the assistance of a companion or a family.  But then again, talk to your doctor for a valuable advice.