On Our Way To Oklahoma

Though I did not won playing slots in Choctaw, I really had fun.  Just listening to the noise of the machines cheers me up.  The drinks are free so I got to drink root beer once in a while.  Then a decaf coffee next. 🙂

It was about two hours drive from where we live to Grant, Oklahoma.  There was no trouble in driving because the road is very nice.  We get to pass by the small towns and get to see the other parts of North Texas.  We saw fields of yellow flowers (might be weeds) and some livestock feeding on the green grass.

Field of yellow flowers. The cows are enjoying the bounty of nature.
I want to have one like this.

Another thing caught our interest was this three-wheeled motorcycle or whatever you call it.  It looks really cool!  I want to have one like this.  I bet I won’t get any trouble driving this type of vehicle.  My husband thought it’s cool too.  And we wish to buy one to use back home in the Philippines.  That’s a good idea, huh?

The Red River is the border of Texas and Oklahoma

Then when we passed the Red River, we know we were in the State of Oklahoma.  It was nice trip.