When Driving In The Rain

I did not expect it to be raining this afternoon.  The weather forecast sometimes is wrong.  They said that chances of rain will be in the morning so we did not go to the bank this morning.  I should know better that Texas weather is unpredictable, as always.

Driving in the rain is not cool especially in very low visibility.  My wipers work very hard to wipe the raindrops.  It is advisable to drive slow in the rain to prevent hydroplaning.  In addition, pay attention to cars around.  Some drive st***d on bad weather like heavy rains.  The road is very slippery so it is better to be extremely cautious.  I remember my girl friend told me that her husband lets her drive whenever they go to Chicago to visit her father-in-law.  And one night she was driving in heavy rains.  She can barely see the road.  But she did fine.  It was a very good practice for her driving skills.  I don’t think I can do that on long travel hours.

We arrived home safely.  My little one was sleeping in the car the whole time.  I guess she knew we’re home so she woke up and wanting to get off the car.  She wanted to go play in the rain but I did not let her.  Maybe when she gets a little bigger, we can play in the rain.