Fully Booked

This month of April 2012 our weekends are fully booked and we already have plans to do besides doctor’s appointment and stuff.

April 6-8, Easter Celebration at in-laws place

April 14, Fil-Am group meeting and kid’s birthday party

April 21, Bridal Shower of hubby’s niece

April 22, Wedding Anniversary trip to Oklahoma

April 27-28, Medical procedure and recovery

Gee, it’s our 4th Wedding Anniversary on Thursday and I haven’t done anything like dinner preparation.  So many things occupy me these days.  Ah, what to do?  What to do?

I know!  Fine dining sounds good.  I will just search for nice restaurants in Rockwall.  ‘Definitely we will try something else this time.  A not-so-loud restaurant maybe, because baby wouldn’t like too much noise.  Oh, this is hard.  Any suggestions?