Mental Vacay

Posted by Gaylord Campbell

Every morning, I try to get to work a little bit sooner than I need to be so that I can spend a little time in the morning taking care of things that I don’t do at home. There is nothing better than getting to work early, drinking coffee, checking my e-mail and reading the latest gossip rag sites using the office’s fast voip internet connection. I try to fill my jonesing for celebrity gossip in the morning, just so that I am not tempted to check it during work. Also, if my boss caught me logging onto or the Huffington Post “celebrity section” during work hours, I can imagine that she would not be very happy with me reading that stuff on her clock. One celebrity new website has a quote as it’s motto that I absolutely love. At the top of the page on, it reads, “escapism can be smart”. I totally agree. I escape into mindless reading every morning before work to prep myself for the cognitive energy that I drain every day at my cubicle. I love to “escape”!

Birthday And Camping

My friend’s son is having a birthday party and we are invited.  The party is holding at the East Fork Park in Wylie.  East Fork is one of the parks in Wylie lakes area.  Besides the birthday party, my friend is inviting the friends circle to a camp out by the lake.  Like I said, camping is one of the interesting outdoor activities you can do in the Spring.

I never been to camping where you put up tents and make a bonfire…thinks like that.  But I attended retreats a couple of times.  Sharing stories, games, and eating are fun things at camping.  My friend and her family prepared lots of delicious food.  In addition to the events, there is also an early Egg Hunting for the kids.  This is also a pre-Easter treat for our children.

Camping at East Fork Park in Wylie, Texas. Photo from my friend RJ.

Besides camping, East Fork Park in Wylie lakes is also a good place for boating and fishing.  Getting there from Dallas is to take Hwy 78 East and turn left to Eubanks Ln (CR 389) and stay to the right and you will see the East Fork Park.  From Rockwall take Hwy 205, turn left at the light to Hwy 78.  Then turn right to CR 384.  Turn left at the STOP sign and drive all the way thru CR 384 until you see  East Fork Park on the right.

It’s really fun at the lake.  The kids enjoyed playing and egg hunting too.

Holidays in the Canary Islands

When it comes to holidaying in the Canary Islands there are plenty of different holiday experiences on offer. Whether you opt for holidays to Lanzarote and soak up its craggy volcanic landscape, spend time on Fuerteventura’s beautiful sandy beaches with the latest bestseller, or take a trip to Tenerife’s spectacular Mount Teide National Park, a holiday in the Canary Islands promises to be a diverse experience that will leave you with many wonderful memories.

Happily, this sun-drenched archipelago is a popular holiday destination which makes it easily accessible and affordable too.  Take Tenerife for example. Beyond its reputation as a top spot for nightlife with a world-famous clubbing scene, Tenerife appeals for many more reasons and has become a great destination for all types of holidays. Families in particular come to the quieter resorts for its great family entertainment, water parks, local activities and excellent hotels with facilities for all ages.

For those on a budget, you won’t have to look too far to find cheap Tenerife offers. If you choose to go down the do-it-yourself route you’ll find plenty of low-cost scheduled flights and a wide range of accommodation on the island, on everything from self-catering and room-only apartments to full-board and all-inclusive hotels. Or you could choose the easy route and opt for a package holiday where your accommodation, flights and resort transfers are all included in the cost.

With a package break you’ll often find many heavily discounted holidays, especially as you get closer to the departure date. Tour operators prefer to sell the packages at rock-bottom prices rather than let the hotel rooms go vacant, so you can usually grab yourself a great deal just by holding out and booking a week or two prior to departure. It might mean you have less choice but if price is top of your agenda, it’s usually well worth it.