Mental Vacay

Posted by Gaylord Campbell

Every morning, I try to get to work a little bit sooner than I need to be so that I can spend a little time in the morning taking care of things that I don’t do at home. There is nothing better than getting to work early, drinking coffee, checking my e-mail and reading the latest gossip rag sites using the office’s fast voip internet connection. I try to fill my jonesing for celebrity gossip in the morning, just so that I am not tempted to check it during work. Also, if my boss caught me logging onto or the Huffington Post “celebrity section” during work hours, I can imagine that she would not be very happy with me reading that stuff on her clock. One celebrity new website has a quote as it’s motto that I absolutely love. At the top of the page on, it reads, “escapism can be smart”. I totally agree. I escape into mindless reading every morning before work to prep myself for the cognitive energy that I drain every day at my cubicle. I love to “escape”!