Traveling To Seek Treatment

Many people travel to seek medical treatment for their illness.  Especially those whose medical condition is critical.  There are hospitals in some countries that do not have state-of-the-art medical equipment to treat uncommon illness that is life-threatening.  Also, high technology equipment is needed to treat infertility in men and women.

There are also types of medical issues that are very sensitive to discuss.  Like the ability of a woman to bear a child even in her 40s.  To me, it is considered as a very high risk age to get pregnant.  The egg cell count is getting low and menopausal symptoms are beginning to show.  Although there are couples in their 40s still want to bear a child, pregnancy after 40 is 50/50 chance.

One of the good things that technology in the medical field is hugely recognized and proven effective is the what they call test tube babies.  This happen by taking one sperm cell and an egg donation from a woman.  A very critical procedure but successfully done.  The first successful test tube baby was in 1978.  Couples do  not have to travel to pursue this method if there is a laboratory located in the place where they reside.

Medical issue, woman’s health, and other health concerns are well-taken care of if we, the patients, will cooperate and become aware of our health status.