I Want A New Digital Camera

One of my electronic gadget needs an ‘upgrade’.  Yes.  I need to get a new digital camera.  Well, my husband bought a Canon Powershot digital cam for my birthday two years ago.  I loved it.  It’s just that, I want a new one.  🙂  A woman is never happy.  Haha!

I am fond of cameras.  Although they don’t like me.  I am not photogenic.  But I do like taking pictures especially when I am traveling.  Photography is one of my frustrations but it makes me happy when I take good pictures of people, places, animals, and plants.  I am more interested in taking photos of plants particularly flowers.  A picture speaks a thousand words.  And pictures are memorable things to keep.  That is why whenever we go travel or just a short visit with family and friends, I always like picture-taking.  I am among you who love capturing the beauty of a vacation spot-the beach, island, resort, and even theme parks.

In addition to the skills, a very nice and high quality digital camera can capture photos more beautifully.  I am wishing to have a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera in the near future.  Who knows, I will become a good photographer someday.  With the help of fast growing technology and high quality camera, I can work on this as a side.  Then I can take pictures beautiful pictures of my family and everything around me.