Unexpected Computer Problem

It is so annoying.  This time my husband’s hard disk crashed.  ‘Not sure if the crashing was caused by a virus or just the computer’s old age.  We were dealing with no desktop computer for months now.  It’s the only thing we can use for printing because we do not have a wireless printer.  It was very unexpected.  So frustrating.  All our important files are in that hard disk.

We did not even thought of doing online back ups.  Some of my friends were suggesting to use online back-up so we can still access our files on the Internet even if we are on a trip or long period travels.  Safety and security was always our concern.  We read a lot of references about online back-up.  Before we commit on something, assurance and good reviews are kept in mind.  For affordability of back-up service, Windows skydrive is in the high rating.  I do not know if you have already know about the skydrive online  back-up service.  It is offering unlimited features for users to manage their files online.

This is what concerns me the most because our tax return file is in that hard disk.  We do not have any idea how to recover it.  For now, my husband is open to all suggestions he can get to be able to recover our files in that hard disk.

2 thoughts on “Unexpected Computer Problem

  1. I noticed you have a Google pagerank 3 which is amazing and I wanted to ask you what have you done to increase your pagerank, I’d really appreciate. Kisses.

    1. Hi Unikornia, my rank goes up and down sometimes. One of the good factors to increase Google pagerank is lots of traffic and quality links. I keep blog hopping too.

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