A Fun Cebu Trip With My Sister

While waiting for the medical and visa interview schedule notices in the mail, I went home and spent time bonding with my family which I haven’t done in a long time since I left the province to study and work in Manila.  My then fiance was very generous in providing funds for my traveling.  I appreciate his thoughtfulness so much.

One of the wonderful trips I had with family was the getaway in Cebu with my younger sister.  It was her first visit in Cebu.  The province of Cebu is in the Central Visayas Region.  It is located Southwest of Leyte.  Transportation to Cebu can be taken by air, land and sea travel.  Domestic flights schedule is very convenient.  The best for us is riding a ferry or a small passenger vessel.  There are few passenger vessels operating to-and-fro Cebu.  Most popular is the SuperCat.  It runs fast across the Philippine sea bypassing Camotes Islands and arrives Cebu in about 2.5 hours.

My sister and I stayed at the Crowne Garden Hotel in Lahug.  The room rates are cheaper than others.  We had fun shopping, going to the movies, and hanging out.