Cebu Pacific Air For Domestic Flights

Part III

When my fiance’s Petition to Marry me was approved in October 2007, I only had a month to gather all the K-1 Visa Requirements.  Because the holidays were approaching, I had to do it sooner or else I would have waited for years to have my documents released.

After the resignation from my job, I told my fiance that I will be going home in the province for the holidays.  At the same time, I want to spend time with my family while I am still in the middle of processing all the papers.  So I flew home via Cebu Pacific Air-an hour flight from Manila to Tacloban.  I like flying with Cebu Pacific because their ticket prices are always low.  There’s no hassle at the domestic airport and the crew are very accommodating.  They provide inflight travel magazines too.  Unlike other domestic airlines, cheap tickets from Cebu Pacific Air has been very ideal.

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What Attracts Women?

They say that simplicity is beauty.  You can find admirable things even in small simple objects around you.  Women are naturally beautiful.  In addition to the physical looks, inner beauty also plays a part of becoming amiable.  These are the main reason men are attracted to women.

But what are men’s characteristics that show to attract women?  Honestly, I admire a good-looking man.  His attitude is next.  I think most women are attracted to men with good sense of humor.  And I am one of them.  I like it when a man shares the same interests such as music, traveling, computers, and love.  There was one time I met a guy at work.  He was very friendly, approachable and easy to get along with.  We became good friends.  Since then I have always admired him for being humble, too.