K-1 Visa Requirements

Part II

The preparation for my upcoming journey to the USA took a couple of months.  Because my visa category was K-1 or Fiance/Fiancee, I had to gather all the documents required (as far as I can remember) by the US Embassy such as:

  • Original copy of Birth Certificate (authenticated by the National Statistics Office or NSO)
  • Certificate of No Marriage or CENOMAR
  • NBI (National Bureau of Investigation)  Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Passport
  • 6 pieces passport size photos
  • copies of communication means from fiance and me (letters, cards, emails, etc.)
  • evidence of relationship (photos together, air tickets, etc.)
  • packet from fiance

One month after the approval of the Petition to Marry, I resigned from my job in the Philippines to start the gathering of K-1 visa requirements because the medical and visa interview schedules were on their way.  So I was also one of those people who joined the crowd in the waiting area of NSO, DFA and NBI offices.