First International Flight

Part I

In three days I will be celebrating the 4th anniversary of my arrival here in the US.  Oh how fast the time flies.  My coming here was to marry the wonderful guy I met six years ago.

I flew by myself via Korean Airlines because it has the cheapest airfare from Manila to my point of entry which is Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW).  That was the very first time I flew international.  Korean Air has flights from Manila to DFW at 12 A.M. Saturdays.  The lay-over in Seoul/Incheon Airport is six hours but I did not have enough time to rest, maybe, also because of the excitement I was feeling that I will be with my beloved for good.  We arrived in DFW Airport Saturday at exactly 9:30 A.M.  The time change really gave me a bad jet lag.  Hah!

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