To Oklahoma This Summer

I wonder if we will be able to go back to Oklahoma this summer.  I sure miss playing the slot machines.  Summer is the best time to go there for me because the hotel casino has a nice swimming pool.

It only takes about an hour and a half drive from our house to Durant.  The hotel room accommodation is not that expensive.  And it is better if the guests have membership cards because they can avail accommodation discounts and rewards.

A buffalo sculpture at the hotel lobby
Choctaw Hotel Tower and its pool spa

We are kind of looking forward to another weekend trip to Oklahoma.  But it depends on the travel budget now.

Got The Confidence Back

My cousin (father’s side) and I got close since we stayed at our aunt’s house in Caloocan City, Philippines.  We’ve been to ups and downs of life but we held on to our closeness.  I gave her advice and she takes it.  When there was a time she was crying because of skin problems, I never left her.  She had a bad acne problem.

Whenever we travel together, people seemed uncomfortable looking at her.  I remember my husband told me when I had a break out, “Nobody will look at you.  Pop it.”  But I did not pop my pimple.  I put a warm compress and to let the white thingy out.  My concern now is my age spots.  Back to my cousin, she really needs help with her acne problem back then. With the help of family and good friends, she undergone treatment.

There are lots of skin care products in the market that might help cure acne.  But only few are trusted.  Acne products without harsh ingredients are effective.