He’s In Canada Now

Hopefully someday I will get the opportunity to visit my friend in Canada.  He lives there for a year now.  We worked together as Instructors in a computer school in the Philippines years back.

He was petitioned by a family in Canada.  Now he is currently working and renting a place in Calgary condos.  I am so happy for my friend because his dream of migrating to Canada, as well as being with his family, came true.  Before he left for the Philippines for a vacation, he invited me and my family to come over and visit whenever we get the chance.

One place that I really wanted to experience, if we go, is the Niagara Falls in Canada.  I received lots of post cards and pictures from online friends who were there.  Just looking at the magnificent Niagara Falls in pictures makes me anxious.

I Am Just Saying

If you are driving on a 65mph highway, please do not run 50.  You will cause back up and traffic on the road.  Move over the shoulder if there is one.  And let the vehicles behind you pass.  If you really are a slow driver, please do the same thing.  If you are having an emergency, please turn on the signal.  It only takes a 2-3 seconds to push the button and pull over.

Please be a responsible driver.  You are not the only motorist in the world.  I’m just saying.  And it’s a friendly advice.

Next Vacation

When we had our vacation in the Philippines two years ago, the goal of getting together with family was achieved.  We stayed in a hotel resort in Ormoc City for a week.  My family spent a couple of nights with us.  Vacation with family is always enjoyable.

I already knew that my grandfather was not feeling his best that time.  He has health issues since before our vacation.  He needs to take medicines and vitamins to supplement his body needs.  Particularly, he needs protein because he is feeling weak.  Old age?  Maybe.  But as we get old, food supplements are needed to sustain the nourishment of the body.  That’s what isopure protein drink works.  It gives pure whey protein in its highest quality.  Elderly like my grandfather will not have a problem taking this protein supplement drink because it is fruit flavored too.   And according to what I have read, people who tried this protein drink liked it.  He might want to try this.

Hopefully, his health condition will improve up to the our next vacation.  We want him to join the fun.  And, also, we want him to see our little princess – his  great granddaughter.  He will be happy.  That’s for sure.