Where To Dine On Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is approaching and I don’t know if my husband has any plans.  He did not mention anything about dinner or something.  So I thought I will do the planning myself.

I am browsing online for restaurants in Rockwall.  Someone told me that there are nice dining places there.  I saw some at The Harbor Rockwall.  There is Luna De Noche and Campisi’s.  Well, I am not craving for Mexican food for now.  We just had fajitas the other day.  And Italian food does not excite me either.

After a while of web surfing, I changed my mind.  Instead of having dinner in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, I will just prepare a small yet special food for us.  And maybe I can invite my cousin and her husband to come over to have dinner with us too.  Yay!  That would be nice.   All right!

There Is Confidence In Looking Great

I am a woman and I love shopping.  Besides shoes, apparel and accessories, I love buying lingerie…sexy lingerie.  Though I have been through pregnancy, my body needs a little shaping. 🙂

Looking great whenever I go somewhere makes me feel confident.  I feel good if I wear a nice lingerie like a seamless shape wear cami bra.  My size small blouses and tees fit really well on me.  And because it is a shape wear, there shows some curves.  I love my new cami bra, it is the Best Body shaper for me.  There is no need to bring lots of bra because the seamless shape wear works 3-in-1 whenever I am on a trip.