That Was So Close!

‘Almost had an accident last night on my way home from Walmart.  I was running the speed limit on a two-lane highway going home when a car turned left (maybe the driver wanted to get ahead of me or something) from a T-Intersection.  I do not believe he did not see me coming because the car in front of him turned right before he did his.  And I was so close, like a few feet away, of hitting that car.  I am so thankful that God’s guidance is always with me.  And my car is ALWAYS in good condition. Hitting the brake immediately is a must in a situation like that.

My advice is pay attention and be watchful around when you are driving.  Do not get distracted with music, scenery, or even a conversation.  If you are talking with someone, continue the conversation when it is safe to do so.  Defensive driving is very important.