Starting A Business Takes A Lot Of Effort

My friend and former co-employee in a travel agency is planning to establish her own travel company very soon.  For more than 15 years of working, I believe she has plenty of resources and knowledge in the travel industry.  She is going to focus on Asian tours.  Now that the Internet is giving us a big advantage on shopping for travel and tours online, making reservations thru a travel website is also convenient.

I told her to talk to a web site specialist to help her create a travel website.  She can also gather information from references on how to get guaranteed seo services for the travel website.  It takes a lot of effort but the reward is unremarkable if everything is successful.  My friend asked if I would be interested to work for her.  I am interested.  But my hubby and I agreed that I will be a full time wife and mother, for now.

One thought on “Starting A Business Takes A Lot Of Effort

  1. I wish good luck to your friend and of course to you as a full time mom…after all that’s the hardest job. I enjoy your writing but I’d also love some photos to illustrate your posts. Million kisses.

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