Stayed Home Instead

The plan of going out to the park is cancelled today.  It is windy and chilly.  I do not want to walk at the park with the cold gusty wind blowing on me.  So, I decided to stay home instead.  Though I feel guilty for skipping my walking routine, I think that was a good decision.  I do not want to catch a cold and allergies.

If I will catch a cold or hit by allergies, I will not be able to go to the birthday party that I was invited for on Saturday.  A friend of mine is turning 51.  And guess what, we have the same birthday.  She said that the party will not start until I show up.  She will have my name on the cake and we will blow the candles together.   Ain’t that sweet?

Well, if the weather gets better, I will go out for a walk again.