Saving Money For Travel

Hubby said he really wants to go for a vacation this year.  I am too!  And we are planning to go in November.  We are strictly putting ourselves to focus on saving for travel now – no unnecessary purchases.

Vacation is one of the pleasurable things in a person’s life.  We want it to be extra big because, this time, we are three.  Price increase on everything is ridiculous and we need to save money seriously to accommodate the extra expenses.  It will be tight in the next few months but I believe we can do it!

One thought on “Saving Money For Travel

  1. I agree with you on saving money before traveling,,, best way is to figure out ahead which place u wanna go to so you can look ahead as well on the accommodation and transportation, that way you will have an idea of how much money u need to have… i always do that b4 i go on vacation…anyhow god luck on your upcoming travel and enjoy…!

    Eigroj Stain

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