Lockers For Safekeeping

I was a working student in college.  I work during the day and I go to school at night.  As a working student, I had to balance my time at work and in school.  Whenever I leave for work, I had to bring all my school books and notes so just have to commute all the way to school after working hours.

I was very thankful that my school have steel lockers.  I got a locker and it was very convenient for me.  I did not have to carry most of my school supplies-books, papers, folders, devices…etc.  The lockers were very spacious.  The students can keep important materials in there without a problem.

On the contrary, we only had small lockers at my workplace.  My co-employee kept on complaining because their stuff was in the tight space.  But I appreciated having a locker because I had a place to keep my things away in safety.