Fancy Dinner At The Christmas Party

Last night was my husband’s Company Christmas Party.  It was held at Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant in Plano.  The restaurant located by The Shops at Willow Bend by North Dallas Tollway.  It was about an hour drive from our house.  We could not find a parking spot because the area was full.  So we parked in the covered parking area by Neiman Marcus department store.

The company’s group in Plano decided to have their party separate from the Fort Worth group because it will not be so convenient if the Plano employees will drive all the way to Fort Worth.  Two years ago the company hosted the party in Fort Worth and most of the Plano employees did not come.  Maybe also because they had commitments or the distance too.

Anyway, my husband and I had fun at the party.  We got there exactly on time when the dinner started.  The dinner was a family service style.  The waiters served the platters of salad (first), main course (second), and desert (tiramisu, third) on the table.  Besides the raffle tickets, we were given tickets for drinks too.  I had a glass of margarita last night.  I like the food served for dinner except for the chicken with mushrooms and gravy.  I think the chicken was dry and not much of a flavor.  The pork loin on mashed potatoes and onion rings were awesome.  The bow-tie noodles were good and flavorful too.  After a nice fancy dinner, I had a hot cup of coffee to settle down the food in my stomach.  Man, that was good!