A Regular Internet User Needs Fast Internet Connection

My interest for computers began when I was in high school.  I wished that I can go to college and study a computer course.  I did.  So the Internet has been a part of my daily life since I was in college.  When my professor taught the class what and how to surf the Internet, it took my interest immediately.  Since then I had always been updated with technology and innovation.  I started to like working on the computer when I was in an on-the-training.  It was a nice training experience because all my paperwork were done and submitted on time with fast dsl internet connection in the office.

Here at home, some of our transactions are on the Internet.  Paying the bills, booking for hotels and air tickets, shopping for personal needs, communicating with my family in the province and even chatting with my husband at work  are done using the Internet.  That is why I love having a good Internet service provider and a wi-fi.  Although we have dial up, it is giving us good connection speed.

I had a very bad experience with the hotel we stayed in when we went for a vacation in the province last year.  Can you imagine a hotel with a slow Internet connection?  That’s so disappointing right?  When I asked the hotel staff what type of connection they are using, she thinks it’s a dial-up internet.  She was not even sure.  Gosh!  She added that they only check emails once a week.  Unbelievable!  That hotel needs to improve their information technology department.  When I called recently to ask for rates for the summer, I told the hotel staff that I sent an email requesting for full information.  She told me the same thing, they check emails once a week.