Black Friday Crowd In Stores

Oh wow!  As usual, the crowd is packed in line in front of the various retail stores nationwide for the Black Friday shopping.  My friend went to Walmart at 10 P.M. and it was the first time she went shopping for Black Friday.  She couldn’t believe how crowded the store is!

Then my MIL teased me about shopping at 4 A.M. because she saw me reading store ads on the papers.  Oh no!  I told her I will just shop online for the red satchel handbag that I saw a while back.  I was tired from the trip (we had Thanksgiving in Whitehouse) so I just sleep more.  Although I want to try going one morning to the Black Friday shopping, it would be nicer if I will do it next time.

I know stores are offering huge deals on electronics, appliances, clothing, accessories, toys…etc.  I want to upgrade my gadgets.  Ah!  So inviting.  But then again, there is still next time.

4 thoughts on “Black Friday Crowd In Stores

  1. how wish there is also a black friday here in our country, para maka shopping in a discounted price, kasi dito sa atin lagi na lang 10-20% discount pag 50% di na maganda at marumi pa..hehehe

  2. Sales are so tempting, I try not to go to one unless I have things I need. I just cannot stop myself from spending when I see beautiful things. haha….

    1. you are right. That’s why I don’t go to this kind of huge sale event because I am an impulsive buyer 🙂

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