Accommodation In San Antonio, Texas

Whenever we go for out-of-town trips, we take my car because it has a good mileage.  It runs very smooth and we can load lots of stuff than the truck.  Like when we went to San Antonio in the summer 2009 for a 4-day getaway, my car was full.  It was like we were moving in to the Best Western Sunset Suites. 😀

We took I35 all the way from Forth Worth to San Antonio and I was driving.  But we stopped in Georgetown and my husband took the wheel.  He said we were close to Austin.  The city roads are windy and very busy during rush hours.  I was still practicing my driving skills that year, holding a Learner’s Permit.

Best Western Sunset Suites was the only hotel we found that offered a very good deal in room rates that time.  I liked it there because the hotel’s location, at E. Commerce Street, is close to the River Walk.  The room is clean and the buffet breakfast has plenty of food choices.  We just had a difficulty in finding a parking spot.  But staying in Best Western Sunset Suites made us feel we’re home.  We are planning to another vacation in San Antonio.  We would definitely get an accommodation there again.