Save Money In Web Hosting Service

For three years now, I can say that I am completely (but not totally) satisfied how my blogging is going.  I was influenced by a friend to try blogging to express my thoughts and share my personal experiences in traveling.  Then blogging has mainly became my hobby, and the source of extra income on the Internet with making money online opportunities.

That friend of mine also introduced me to website hosting.  To be able to grab more earning opportunities, my blogs should be self hosted.  I followed her advice.  To save with hosting service, I found cheap website host service.  A cheaper price because the hard drive space, bandwidth and servers is a bit affordable. has listing of hosting sites that offer the more reasonable web hosting service for your websites.  You can select any hosting provider service which you find comfortable dealing with and that will give you the high uptime guarantee.  To me, a good web hosting service provider will go through all simple set-up with you until you get to familiarize how hosting works on your blogs or website.  It is a big advantage you will get for your website.

There are a lot more to learn in blogging.  But my I am open to all the possibilities.

Road Traveling Is Easier Now

I am proud about the fact that I learned how to drive.  Never in my entire life I got the opportunity to drive until I got here in the US.  And I am very thankful to my husband for the moral support and the generosity.  In 2009, he bought a Toyota scion XD for me to use.  I cannot imagine living in the country without a car to drive around town because there is no utility vehicles anywhere.

Road traveling is easier for me now.  I can drive with confidence wherever I want to.  And one more thing, I am getting used to buckling up a seat belt, so I can be safe.